Installation instructions

System requirements

Interaction with other packages

pytest-xdist features test run parallelization, e.g. distributing tests over separate processes that run in parallel. This is based on the assumption that the tests can be run independent of each other. Obviously, if you are using pytest-dependency, this assumption is not valid. Thus, pytest-dependency will only work if you do not enable parallelization in pytest-xdist.


The latest release version of pytest-dependency source can be found at PyPI, see


  1. Download the sources, unpack, and change into the source directory.

  2. Build (optional):

    $ python build
  3. Test (optional):

    $ python -m pytest
  4. Install:

    $ python install

The last step might require admin privileges in order to write into the site-packages directory of your Python installation.

For production use, it is always recommended to use the latest release version from PyPI, see above.