pytest-dependency - Manage dependencies of tests

This pytest plugin manages dependencies of tests. It allows to mark some tests as dependent from other tests. These tests will then be skipped if any of the dependencies did fail or has been skipped.

Note that there is no real documentation yet, this just repeats the content of the README file.

System requirements

  • Python 2.6, 2.7, or 3.1 and newer. Python 2.6 requires patching the sources, see below.
  • setuptools.
  • pytest 2.8.0 or newer.


  1. Download the sources, unpack, and change into the source directory.

  2. Build (optional):

    $ python build
  3. Test (optional):

    $ python -m pytest
  4. Install:

    $ python install

The last step might require admin privileges in order to write into the site-packages directory of your Python installation.

If you are using Python 2.6, apply python2_6.patch after the first step:

1a. Patch:

$ patch -p1 < python2_6.patch

It removes the use of certain language features (dict comprehensions) that were introduced in Python 2.7.